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Site Cookie Policy

What is http cookie and why is it needed?

A cookie is a text file created by webserver on a user's computer.  When a user visits a site, the site webserver creates the cookie and stores in the user's computer harddrive, and it may use the stored cookie in the user's subsequent visits. 

Do we use cookies on site?

Yes, we use following cookies in site:

  • The has_js:  This cookie is used to establish whether the visitor's browser has JavaScript enabled.
  • The webform-8: This cookie is used by our  'contact us' form for its sessions.
  • The cookieconsent_dismissed: This cookie is used to establish that site visitors have seen our cookie policy and accepted that we use cookies in   
  • The _ga: This cookie is a google analytics cookie to distinguish visitors (its lifespan, as per the google analytics, is 2 years)
  • The _gat: This cookie is a google analytics cookie to throttle request rate (its lifespan, as per the google analytics, is 10 minutes).

Disabling Cookies

Visitors can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings on their browsers (please consult your browser Help). Visitors, however, should be aware that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of many other websites that they visit.

Deleting Cookies

Visitors can delete cookies from their computers (please consult your browser Help)

Third Party Cookies

In some special cases,  may use cookies provided by trusted third parties.

Future updates of this policy

Maadi's may update this policy time to time on this site, when and if needed, so visitors are advised to check this site regularly for the updated version.


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