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MaaDi's, founded in 2016 in Cork city, Republic of Ireland, is an IT & Computing Consultancy firm. 

Damar Thapa -- a Hong Kong-trained IT & Computing consultant, and a former Gurkha soldier -- founded the company seeing a need of affordable IT and computing services for smaller businesses, organisations and individuals who cannot afford their own IT department or services of IT corporations. This is the sector, as Damar explains, corporations and new entrepreneurs do not see profitable.  He adds, "..This sector does not pay you in millions, needs longer hours at lower rates. If you, however, like to have your job autonomy, make a living doing things you love and help people, there is no replacement.  As the saying goes, 'choose a profession you love, you won't work a day'. It is  a simple concept!"

Maadi's aims to provide quality IT & computing services in competitive prices to make affordable for medium and small sized businesses, organisations and individuals. In the process, it seeks to:

  • use and promote freely available software and framework with licenses, such as GNU Free software license, Open Source License, Apache License, MIT license, etc.
  • promote remote working, and
  • collaborate with organisations all over the world. 

Maadi's has extensive experience in the above-mentioned areas.

Damar holds Bachelor of Science in Computing, BSc(Computing), and Master of Science in Information Technology, MSc(IT), with over 15 years of industry experience, and lives in Cork City, Republic of Ireland, with his wife, a daughter and a little puppy, named Mija. 

Maadi's got its name from a river, named Madi, pronounced as /ma:ði:/ or मादी, from Nepal. 


112 Bandon Road, Cork City, Republic of Ireland

Telephone      :  (353) 0212416771
Website   :
Email       :


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